Suet Plus – Woodpecker Blend – 10PK

SKU: WLD98-0000018


Winchester | 5
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Maximize your bird feeding enjoyment with the Suet Plus Woodpecker Blend Value 10-Pack. This attractive and convenient bundle features 10 Woodpecker Blend suet cakes, each encased in an easy-open, no-mess candy bar style wrapper that's 100% recyclable. Crafted with high-quality ingredients in a melt-resistant formulation, these suet cakes guarantee year-round use. Flavored with cracked corn, millet, and pecans, this 6.7 lb. value pack is designed to cater specifically to woodpeckers. Elevate your birdwatching experience with the bold graphics, eco-friendly packaging, and premium taste of the Suet Plus Woodpecker Blend 10-Pack.

Size: 6.7 lb.
Quantity: 10