Squirrel MX-5 Bird Feeder – 3.4LB

SKU: CBL98-0000031


Concord | 1
Falmouth | 4
Winchester | 1
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Experience hassle-free bird feeding with the Squirrel MX-5 Bird Feeder – 3.4LB. This revolutionary feeder is designed to outsmart squirrels and discourage bully birds, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable bird-watching experience. The integrated design features 4 spring-loaded perches that shut every port simultaneously when a squirrel attempts to feed, thwarting their efforts.

The weather guard adds an extra layer of defense, hindering squirrels and larger bully birds from reaching the seed ports. The durable round design with 4 comfort perches attracts a diverse array of bird species, making it a welcoming haven for feathered friends. The MX-5 is easy to clean, disassembling into three simple sections for thorough maintenance.

With a generous 3.4 lb. seed capacity, this feeder requires less frequent refilling. The wide opening, push-down-and-twist metal locking lid ensures effortless replenishment. Crafted from UV-stabilized polycarbonate with an elegant dome design and oil-rubbed bronze finish, the MX-5 seamlessly combines durability with aesthetic appeal, making it a standout addition to your outdoor space. Feed birds, not squirrels, with the Squirrel MX-5 Bird Feeder.

Product Specs:
Seed Capacity: 3.4 lb.
Color: Bronze