Snow Shovel Blue – 18″

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Introducing the versatile and stylish 18-Inch Blue Poly Snow Shovel – your reliable companion for efficient snow removal. This snow shovel is thoughtfully designed to combine functionality with a pop of color, making winter cleanup a breeze.

The 18-Inch W x 13-Inch H Poly Blade in a vibrant blue hue ensures optimal snow-carrying capacity. With a 48-Inch Overall Length, this shovel provides a comfortable reach, making it easy to tackle snow-covered areas. The painted 1-1/8″ steel shaft tube adds durability and stability to the design, ensuring that it stands up to the challenges of winter.

Key Features:

– 18-Inch Blue Poly Snow Shovel for effective snow removal
– 18-Inch W x 13-Inch H Poly Blade for optimal snow-carrying capacity
– 48-Inch Overall Length for a comfortable reach
– Painted 1-1/8″ Steel Shaft Tube for durability and stability
– D Grip for a secure and comfortable hold

The D Grip adds convenience by providing a secure and comfortable hold during use, enhancing your overall snow removal experience.

Make winter cleanup a breeze with our 18-Inch Blue Poly Snow Shovel. Order yours today and bring both functionality and style to your snow removal routine. Trust in the quality that stands out in both performance and aesthetics. Winter won't stand a chance with this dependable and eye-catching snow shovel by your side!