Snow / Grain Scoop Shovel – 29″

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Meet the ultimate multi-purpose tool for all your snow and grain scooping needs – the Structron Snow/Grain Scoop Shovel with a 29″ Fiberglass Handle. Engineered for durability and efficiency, this versatile shovel is a game-changer in any weather.

The #12 Poly Head, measuring 14.25″ x 19″, guarantees optimal capacity for both snow and grain, making it the perfect all-season tool. Crafted with a PowerCore™ connection and solid steel rivet, the head ensures a robust and secure attachment to the handle, providing reliability when you need it most.

The 29″ Premium Fiberglass Handle offers the ideal length for comfortable and efficient use. Wrapped in 3M® Retroreflective Tape, this shovel not only stands out for its performance but also enhances safety by reflecting light in low visibility conditions. The Poly D-Grip adds a layer of comfort and control, ensuring a secure grip in any situation.

Key Features:

– Structron Snow/Grain Scoop Shovel for versatile use
– #12 Poly Head (14.25″ x 19″) for maximum capacity
– PowerCore™ connection with Solid Steel Rivet for durability
– 29″ Premium Fiberglass Handle with 3M® Retroreflective Tape for enhanced visibility
– Poly D-Grip for comfortable and secure handling

Whether you're clearing snow or moving grains, the Structron Snow/Grain Scoop Shovel is your trusted companion. The safety green color and 3M® Retroreflective Tape make it easy to spot, while the quality construction ensures it can handle the toughest tasks.

Choose Structron for reliability, performance, and versatility. Order your Snow/Grain Scoop Shovel today and experience the difference in quality that sets Structron apart. Winter or harvest, be prepared with the best!