Rock ‘n Roll Trivia Game

Rock ‘n Roll Trivia Game

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Get ready to rock and roll with the Gentlemen's Hardware Rock 'n Roll Trivia game! Challenge your music smarts with 140 awesome questions about legendary bands like The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Kings of Leon, and many more. Grab your buddies, family, and fellow music enthusiasts for a fun-filled showdown to discover the ultimate Rock 'n Roll groupie among you.

Perfect for parties, game nights, and those moments when you just want to crank up the tunes, this trivia game guarantees a blast for everyone. Unleash your inner rockstar, compete with your pals, and maybe even uncover your next karaoke anthem. Get your groove on and test your music knowledge in the most entertaining way possible with the Rock 'n Roll Trivia game from Gentlemen's Hardware!

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100% recyclable packaging
5″ W x 3.5″ H x 2.1″ D