Quick Fire Hydrangea
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Hydrangea 'Quick Fire' is a part sun to sun or full sun shrub. Needs either full sun for 6+ hours or part sun for 4-6 hours and full shade for up to 4 hours. Flowers in Summer and grows to 72-96″ high and 72-96″ wide.

Quick Fire hydrangea blooms about a month before any other panicle hydrangea. Flowers open pure white then turn pink, and will be an extremely dark rosy-pink in the fall. The flower color on Quick Fire hydrangea is not affected by soil pH. Blooms on this super-hardy and easy to grow hydrangea are produced on new wood, which means that you will see flowers even after the harshest winters. Beautiful for use as a cut (fresh or dried) flower. Unlike other panicle hydrangeas, Quick Fire also has excellent fall foliage color for a final hurrah before winter.

Quick Fire is a very hardy flowering shrub good for full sun locations – the hotter your climate, however, the more shade the plant will require. Perfect for a mixed container. Good for groupings and in mass plantings, shrub and perennial borders, as a specimen, a screen or a hedge.  Also a lacecap variety that attracts pollinators. 

Maintenance is easy, with average watering.

Panicle hydrangeas grow in well draining soils.  Bloom on new wood, meaning they can be pruned in spring and still bloom same season. Recommend cutting back by about one-third total height in early spring, just as new growth is beginning to emerge on stems. This removes spent blooms and ensures that season's growth comes from heavier, thicker buds further down the plant.

Quick Fire is available for both in store pickup or delivery.

Grab a bag of Compost Planting Mix or Bio-Tone Starter Plus to fertilize your soil during the initial planting.