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Snow Scoop Shovel – 14″

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Introducing the Snow Scoop Shovel – a winter essential for hassle-free snow removal! Crafted with durability and efficiency in mind, this 14″ snow shovel is designed to tackle winter's toughest challenges.

The 14-1/4-Inch x 17-3/4-Inch Poly Scoop ensures optimal snow-carrying capacity, allowing you to clear large areas with ease. The robust construction guarantees longevity, making it a reliable companion for seasons to come. The 32-1/4-Inch Wood D-Handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to maneuver through snow-covered surfaces effortlessly.

Say goodbye to back-breaking snow removal and embrace the convenience of our Snow Scoop Shovel. Its compact yet powerful design makes it ideal for both residential and commercial use. Whether you're tackling your driveway or a larger outdoor space, this shovel is up to the task.

Key Features:

– 14″ Snow Scoop for efficient snow removal
– Durable 14-1/4-Inch x 17-3/4-Inch Poly Scoop
– Comfortable 32-1/4-Inch Wood D-Handle for easy maneuvering
– Suitable for residential and commercial use
– Compact design for convenient storage

Make winter cleanup a breeze with our Snow Scoop Shovel. Order yours today and experience the difference in quality and performance. Winter is tough, but our shovel is tougher!