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Our Organic Mix with natural ingredients is proven to give your container plants a healthy growing environment. The rich organic compost provides a natural nutrient flow to your container plants while the peat moss holds moisture in the soil mix allowing for better water conservation. Perlite is a natural volcanic rock that when added to our soil mix, increases air space to improve water drainage for healthy root systems. Composted pine bark increases air circulation.

Our Organic Mix combines the benefits of natural ingredients with the ease of container gardening. This ready-to-use blend is perfect for all annuals, perennials and especially for edible container gardens. The soils improved moisture retention prevents fast evaporation in window boxes and containers in direct sunlight.

Grow your tomatoes, citrus plants, herbs and veggies with peace of mind while using our Organic Mix. Tasty edibles grown in containers are a direct result of a good potting mix. The organic compost feeds your plants with an enriching nutrient base to help your potted edibles establish a healthy root system. Use our potting soil with an organic fertilizer for tasty herbs and veggies!

35% Peat Moss
55% Composted Bark
10% Perlite
Wetting Agent
Pro Lime
Organic with an Organic Wetting Agent

Comes in a 2 cu ft bag and is available for in store pickup or delivery.

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