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Green Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder – 10 oz

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Introducing our Green Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder, a delightful blend of vintage charm and modern convenience. Transport your yard to a bygone era with this classic piece. Crafted in a mesmerizing green antique bottle design, this feeder serves as a charming focal point while providing your hummingbird visitors with a delectable treat.

The metal base of this feeder is adorned with four flower-shaped feeding ports, accented with brushed silver details. Watch in awe as hummingbirds flit gracefully from port to port, their vibrant colors dancing in the sunlight. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze thanks to the feeder's removable base. With the attached metal hanger, hanging this feeder is effortless, allowing you to place it in the perfect spot to attract and admire these remarkable creatures.

Create unforgettable moments in your own backyard with the Green Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder. Embrace the beauty of nature and indulge in the simple joys of birdwatching with this timeless addition to your outdoor oasis.

Product Specs:
Capacity: 10 oz.
Color: Green