Dahlia Fimbriata – Kogane Fubuki – 2 Pack

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Elevate your garden with the captivating allure of Dahlia Fimbriata – Kogane Fubuki. With its upright stems and striking blooms, this Dutch summer favorite adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Flourishing in moist, fertile soil and thriving under the full sun, these dahlias promise continuous flowering from summer to fall.

Key Features:
– Admire the captivating beauty of Dahlia Fimbriata – Kogane Fubuki, with its upright stems supporting an array of striking blooms.
– Flourishes in moist, fertile soil under the radiant glow of full sun, providing a stunning focal point in your garden.
– Each pack contains two Dahlia bulbs, ensuring a dynamic and elegant display in your outdoor sanctuary.

Additional Information:
Plant Height: Reaches an impressive height of 36-40 inches, making it ideal for borders, containers, or garden beds.
Bloom Time: Expect a profusion of blooms from summer to fall, providing enduring beauty and charm throughout the growing season.
Hardiness Zone: Suitable for hardiness zones 8-10, these dahlias thrive in warm climates and offer continuous blooms year after year.

Embrace the timeless elegance of Dahlia Fimbriata – Kogane Fubuki. With its captivating blooms and easy-growing nature, this variety is sure to become a cherished addition to your outdoor oasis.

Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Light Requirements: Flourishes in full sun, ensuring optimal growth and blooming.
Planting Depth: Plant bulbs approximately 1 inch deep, providing stability and support for healthy growth.
Bulbs per Square Foot: Plant one bulb per square foot for a concentrated and impactful display of blooms.
– Pinch excess buds and deadhead regularly to encourage more abundant and larger blooms throughout the growing season.
– Ensure consistent watering, especially when grown in containers, to maintain soil moisture levels and promote vigorous growth.