BUSHDOCTOR KELP ME KELP YOU 0.5-0-0.5 PINT – Seaweed Plant Food

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Kelp grows higher than even some of the Earth’s trees. The teeming aquatic life that flourishes in a kelp bed has just as much diversity as that of a rainforest. Kelp Me Kelp You® is a seaweed plant food derived from Ascophyllum nodosum and designed for use in organic gardening. This product is a liquid concentrate that can be used for growing fruits, vegetables, gardens or flowers. Suitable for use in gardens, drip-irrigation systems or hydroponic applications. OMRI Listed® and Registered CDFA Organic Input Material.

How to Use:

In-Ground Gardens and Container Plants:
Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons (5 to 10 mL) per gallon (4 L) of fresh water.
Drench soil thoroughly.
Apply every other week throughout the vegetative cycle until the first sign of bud development.
Hydroponic Recirculating Systems:
Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons (5 to 10 mL) per gallon (4 L) of fresh reservoir water.
Flush system every two weeks.
Use in conjunction with FoxFarm fertilizers for best results.

For best results, try following one of the FoxFarm feeding schedules

Bush Doctor® Kelp Me Kelp You® 0.5-0-0.5 pint size is available for both in store pickup or delivery.

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