Blue Billows
Blue Billows


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Hydrangea 'Blue Billows’ is a part sun to sun or full sun shrub. Needs either full sun for 6+ hours or part sun for 4-6 hours and full shade for up to 4 hours. Flowers in Mid-Summer and grows to 48″ high and 60-72″ wide.

The parents of this lovely Lace-cap variety were found growing on the wooded slope of a Korean mountain, which explains Blue Billow's exceptional hardiness. Produces delicate clusters of light blue flowers that last for several weeks in early to midsummer, turning a stunning deep crimson as they age. Fall foliage is an attractive shade of burgundy. Excellent in a shady border with Ferns and Astilbes. 'Blue Billow' is a reliable bloomer and performs well in full sun. Blooms on old wood.

Maintenance is easy, with average watering, more often in extreme heat.

Moist soils that do not dry out are best; do not plant in hot, dry, exposed sites. Mulch to conserve moisture and buffer soil temperatures. Little pruning is needed, but if shrubs grow too large, cut back stems by about one-third by the end of August. In spring, only prune out dead wood. Blue Billows variety blooms on both old and new wood.

Grab a bag of Compost Planting Mix or Bio-Tone Starter Plus to fertilize your soil during the initial planting. Use Garden Lime to keep your flowers pink! Want blue flowers instead, add Soil Acidifier or Holly-Tone!