Bernese Mountain Dog Socks

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Introducing the most paw-some addition to your sock collection. These snuggly foot warmers are not just your ordinary socks; they're a tail-wagging tribute to the majestic Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Crafted with care, these Bernese Mountain Dog socks are a must-have for anyone smitten by these fluffy giants. With their adorable Bernese Mountain Dog designs, you'll feel like you've got a whole pack of these lovable furballs right at your feet. Each step you take will be as delightful as a BMD puppy's playful bounce.

Made to impress, these socks are the ideal gift for dog enthusiasts or a treat for yourself. Slip into these cozy wonders, and you'll find yourself pawsitively thrilled with their comfort and style.

Durable and dependable, the Bernese Mountain Dog socks are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're chilling at home, strutting your stuff at work, or just want to add a touch of canine charisma to your outfit, these socks have got you covered.

Give your sock drawer a touch of Bernese brilliance and make every day a little brighter with Bernese Mountain Dog Lover Socks. Order yours today and step into a world of canine charm!

Product Specs:

Made from 65% cotton, 25% polyurethane, 10% polyester. Comfortable, Machine Washable. Made in South Korea. These graphic socks are made from 200 needle count machines which give life-like detail of your favorite pet.

*Part of the Proceeds of these animal socks support Animal shelters to find new homes for pets in need.*