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Related to the fiddle leaf fig, except way less finicky and troublesome. Why not bring a Ficus umbellata into your houseplant collection? This African native isn't typically seen in cultivation. With distinctive, large leaves, this plant will provide a unique touch to your home or office.

Plant comes in a 7″ growers pot. Plant shown is representative of what you will receive.

Harmful To: Pets
Height: 24 – 72 Inches

  • For optimal performance, keep at 60-85°F (15-29°C).
  • Protect furniture when watering.
  • Feed once per month at half strength when plant is actively growing.
  • Ficus in general are NOT low light plants. Windows with no direct sun will work, but east or west windows with some direct sun are better choices.

  • Allow the top 1-2 inches of the potting soil to dry out before watering again. Avoid letting it dry out completely.

  • Use a well-drained potting mix.  Adding perlite and orchid bark will improve drainage.
  • Avoid draft areas (cold or hot) such as from heating/cooling vents and opening and closing doors, particularly during cold weather.