5″ Philodendron – Calkins Gold
5″ Philodendron – Calkins Gold 5″ Philodendron – Calkins Gold

5″ Philodendron – Calkins Gold

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Meet the Philodendron Calkins Gold, an extraordinary and rare member of the philodendron family. This plant is a botanical gem that stands out with its long lance-shaped leaves, resplendent in bright yellow hues with captivating mottled green patterns throughout. Growing and cherishing this unique plant is a delight, and what's even more exciting is that it requires very little care, making it an excellent choice for plant enthusiasts, especially beginners.

The Calkins Gold philodendron not only adds a vibrant touch to your indoor garden but also contributes to creating a healthier and cleaner atmosphere. This exceptional plant excels in air purification, ensuring that you breathe fresh and toxin-free air. In addition to its distinctive beauty, this philodendron is low-maintenance, thriving in a wide range of conditions.

Add the Philodendron Calkins Gold to your collection and enjoy the pleasure of nurturing a unique, air-purifying plant that's as easy to care for as it is captivating. Order yours today and let its vibrant presence enrich your living space.

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Each plant comes in a 5″ growers pot. The plant shown is an example of what you will receive, all plants are individuals and we strive to pick out the best for you.

Plant Specs:

Harmful to: Pets
Height: 12 – 24 Inches
Light: Bright, indirect light
Watering: allow 1-2 inches of soil to dry before watering
Humidity: High humidity
Temperature: 60-85 degrees
Soil: Well draining soil mix