5″ Calathea – Feather Touch

5″ Calathea – Feather Touch

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Introducing the 5″ Calathea Feather Touch, a captivating addition to your indoor garden. This Calathea louisae variety stands out with its eye-catching green foliage featuring a bold white center stripe, making it a striking member of the Prayer plant family.

Calathea Feather Touch is an adaptable houseplant that adds foliage interest to your home decor. While it enhances your living space with its vibrant green and white leaves, please be mindful that it is harmful to pets, so keep it away from their reach.

This medium-sized houseplant can reach heights ranging from 12 to 36 inches and has an upright growth habit.

Elevate your indoor garden with the striking beauty of the 5″ Calathea Feather Touch, a vibrant houseplant that adds an enchanting touch to your living space. Order yours today and enhance your home decor with this delightful addition.

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Each plant comes in a 5″ growers pot. The plant shown is an example of what you will receive, all plants are individuals and we strive to pick out the best for you.

Plant Specs:

Harmful to: Pets
Height: 12 – 36 Inches
Light: low to medium, indirect light
Watering: Keep soil evenly moist but not waterlogged
Humidity: average to high humidity
Temperature: 65-85 degrees
Soil: Well draining soil mix