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Brighton | 66
Chelmsford | 30
Concord | 15
Falmouth | 86
Osterville | 14
Tewksbury | 11
Winchester | 27
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Grown locally in our Woburn Greenhouses, Uncle Mike's Kale Biera will tolerate a moderate frost. This unique specialty from Portugal is also called Portuguese cabbage or sea kale. Vigorous plants grow up to 2’ high and 2’ wide. Leaves are sweet and tender having better flavor and taste than collards. Braised and used in soups with kielbasa. Best for spring or fall harvest.

Maturity: 80 days

How to Grow:
Plant in sun or part sun.
Space 18-36″ (46-91 cm) apart in rows 24″ (61 cm) apart.
Water when dry.