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These sturdy semi-succulent plants will thrive under the dry conditions that will cause tip browning in other plants. Best cultivated in a light, well drained compost containing plenty of humus and do well in shallow containers. Coming from tropical rain-forest habitats, they love warm humid conditions and most need a minimum temperature of 50 – 55°F. However, the fleshy stems and foliage can be prone to rotting and Peperomias should be watered sparingly from below (especially in winter) using soft water, avoiding wetting the crown of the plant.

The Peperomia Elongata, has long, waxy, pointed green leaves with lighter colored veins. A rare peperomia, native to South America. Loves to trail but is a slow grower and will only reach 10 to 12 inches tall.

Shade or Partial Shade

Water thoroughly then allow to become dry to the touch.

Plant comes in a 2.5″ growers pot.
Plant shown is representative of what you will receive.