10″ Norfolk Island Pine – Decorated
10″ Norfolk Island Pine – Decorated 10″ Norfolk Island Pine – Decorated product-96888-1700510056-BER03-0000867^3

10″ Norfolk Island Pine – Decorated

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Introducing the 10″ Norfolk Island Pine – a versatile and stylish addition to your indoor plant collection. This handsome and easy-to-grow conifer offers a range of uses, from charming seedlings in a terrarium to a tall and elegant tree perfect for halls and spacious rooms.

Growing slowly to a height of 5 feet, the Norfolk Island Pine thrives in cool, well-lit areas, making it an ideal choice for various spaces in your home. Keep the compost consistently moist, avoiding hot and dry conditions for optimal growth.

Looking for a unique and live Christmas tree option? The Norfolk Island Pine is an excellent choice. Decorate it with mini string lights and ornaments to create a festive and personalized holiday centerpiece that brings the joy of the season indoors.

Maintaining the Norfolk Island Pine is a breeze. Place it in a brightly lit spot while avoiding direct sunlight, water regularly during spring and summer, and reduce watering in the winter. Keep the temperature at an average room level, ensuring a cool environment during winter months. Additionally, mist the leaves occasionally, especially in heated rooms in winter, and provide ventilation in the summer.

Each plant comes in a 10″ growers pot placed inside a red snowflake pot and decorated with snowflake ornaments. The 10″ Norfolk Island Pine is ready to elevate your indoor plant collection and bring a touch of natural elegance to your living space. Order now for a delightful and low-maintenance addition to your home decor.

Product Specs:
Light: Bright Indirect Sunlight.
Water: Water regularly in spring and summer – Water sparingly in winter.
Temperature: Average room temperature-keep cool in winter.
Humidity: Medium to High. Add more with a humidifier or by placing the pot on a tray of pebbles in water.